Choi Siwon (not_simba) wrote in verse2,
Choi Siwon

Mod update.

First order of business: Yuri, the creater of the RP, is leaving. :( This makes us very sad, yes? She's leaving due to personal reasons, and I ask you not to invade her privacy and ask us or her why. Just wish her luck and send her love. Because of this, I'm a new co-mod, along with taylormercury. Mica's net is pretty much dead, though she can check her email and get on AIM sometimes, so I'm to be contacted for community reasons for the time being. :D

Second: The claims list has been updated, or as best as I could. If there's anything wrong or I missed something, please let me know. If you'd like to change your muse's contact information, please let me know about that, too.

Thirdly: The graphics in the layout are no longer working, and Mica will fix that when she comes back from Holland (August 26).

Fourth: To the people who aren't on hiatus and their muses haven't been active, you have two weeks to become active or we'll be forced to remove you from the community. I apologize, but it's not very fair to claim someone and then make the muse inactive.

And lastly, about the AU switch. It seems everyone's been playing with their muses like in real life, so I'm just going to have the community stay pertaining to real life, unless this is a problem. Any input? I'd prefer to go with what you guys want instead of what's easiest for us.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them here, or email me at vanitare @ or Mica at taylormercury @

Thanks, guys.
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